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City Square & Double Holland

With classic square shapes and larger sizes, City-Square® is ideal for paving large-scale commercial installations such as courtyards, plazas and pedestrian malls. City-Square® will also add a touch of elegance to smaller residential walkways, patios and decks as well. City-Square® can be used alone or in a combination of various sizes, such as Double Holland to create an unlimited variety of pattern designs. These pavers come on separate pallets to allow an excellent alternative to large, unwieldy concrete slabs or poured concrete. City-Square® imparts beauty, texture, color, and lasting durability to a wide array of paving projects.

Composition & Manufacture:

Holland-Stone™ is manufactured from a “no slump” concrete mix. Utilizing extreme pressure and high frequency vibrations. Holland-Stone™ has a compressive strength greater than 8,000 psi, a water absorption maximum of 5% and will meet or exceed ASTM C-936 82 and freeze-thaw testing per section 8 of ASTM C-67-73.